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Benefit to the government

1) Cleaner cities will promote tourism-This can turn upto be a symbolic movement in litter management for India which could massively influence the tourism industry, thereby, generating revenue for the government.

2) Employment generation-Manufacturing of Litteromatic and its card, boost in manufacturing of devices like RFID card reader, photoelectric card reader and development of Litteromatic application can generate huge number of employment.

3) Reduction in expenditure-There would be less expenditure on healthcare, cleanliness and litter management.

4) Promotion of government’s initiative of Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan - As this initiative of government is aimed at cleanliness, Litteromatic can give a new face to this initiative as it would motivate people to clean their surroundings.

5) Potential to create a smart city- Litteromatic will make the idea of smart city become a reality due to a gradual conditioning of people towards making an effort for clean and beautiful cities.

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