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Benefit to the users

1) Promote a new way of earning - Users would be earning by just simply throwing objects in a machine. User don’t have to invest anything but still get a way of earning.

2) Hygienic and disease free surroundings-By garbage free surroundings, people would live in a cleaner environment. As this would result in increase of hygiene in the environment, it would also result in the reduction of diseases which spread due to unhygienic environment.

3) Interesting way to awareness among kids - Litteromatic is more than a emblematic movement in cleanliness and a successful business model. Children will also grow up as responsible citizens by the learning and earning concept of Litteromatic. They would know the importance of environment and the earning concept would motivate each of them to do so.

4) Recognition-People can be rewarded on the basis of maximum credit points achieved. These people could be encouraged and set as an inspiration so that other people are motivated to do the same.

#litter management #waste management #cleaner surroundings

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