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Litter management has become a major challenge in today's society. It is something for which numerous solutions have been applied but none have worked prominently, mainly because it failed to secure consumer's engagement or interest. My idea of Litteromatic takes into consideration all of these challenges. Litteromatic is a smart bin which will benefit the users when they will throw litter in dustbins. To make it more efficient and convenient, some devices would be integrated with the model.

Those devices are as follows:- 1) RFIDcardReader 2) Photoelectriccounter 3) LitteromaticCard

The methodology is that whenever user will throw an item in Litteromatic, it would pass through beam of light rays which would make the photoelectric counter count the number of items entering the bin and credit the points accordingly.

These points would be credited to the user’s Litteromatic card that can be further claimed by using the RFID card reader. In addition,the points can be redeemed at all those brands who would have collaborated with Litteromatic. All the devices mentioned above are already in use so it would not be difficult to make this model to function. Moreover, this model is using photoelectric counter so it would reduce the amount of electricity used for the model. An app would also be created which will store the users basic credentials and information about their Litteromatic card. It would also show the brands which are in collaboration with Litteromatic where users would be able to keep a track of their points.

Litteromatic can be installed wherever there is a need for litter management like cafeterias of schools, universities and offices, Bus stops, street food vendors market, beaches and basically all public places. This machine is basically giving people free money while giving them an opportunity to do something better for their surroundings and environment.

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