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Learning about EEDC

Updated: Oct 30, 2020

Business is not only an activity between a willing seller and willing buyer but a combination of a lot of coordinated activities and teamwork. Different people having different expertise work in a coordinated way to make the business model work. I got familiarized with different variables like in service industry, you may have a willing buyer but the buyer may not have willingness or capacity to pay for the service as crucial as electricity. I could also know briefly about various departments like Procurement, ICT, Field, Operations, Network planning and Finance. I also got opportunity to have a glimpse of cashflow and working capital management of the company and how the Finance Department prioritize and manage cashflow issues between statutory and urgent fund liabilities especially those of vendors, operations, market obligations etc. Not only this but also I witnessed and realized as how technology can be put to use in the company to ensure prompt customer service and shorter payment cycle and ease of operations. Some of the ICT technology which I could know during my short familiarization are: mobile App for meter reading, automated billing and vending platform, ERP system across company, automated daily cash reconciliation system.

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